Even though Jencol Engineering has invested the latest in technology of machinery, we still have manual machines. We have 2 manual mills and 2 manual lathes. Our dedicated team of engineers are still trained to the highest quality and standard to use these machines.

Whether it is person off the street or someone sending a CAD drawing we can still use the manual machines for the highest prototype machining. Using the manual machines for the protype work can be just as good as using CNC machines.

Vertical Manual Milling Machines

  • Dividing Head
  • Rotary Table
  • Vices
  • 3 Jaw

Colchester Triumph 2000 Manual Lathe

  • 10” 3 Jaw
  • Collett Chuck ranging from 3mm to 38mm
  • 4 Jaw
  • Face Plate
  • Revolving Centres
  • Revolving Steady
  • Fixed Steady